Pastoral Council

Leader: Mrs. Eleanor Gregory

The Pastoral Council works closely with the Pastor in envisioning and overseeing the development and growth of the Mission of the Parish.  They meet every other month and review reports from the Finance Council and the Parish Commissions and make recommendations back to them as appropriate or needed.  The Pastoral Council offers valuable input to the Pastor as people often may say something to them that they may not say directly to the Pastor.  Key to the effectiveness of the Pastoral Council is the freedom members feel to express their opinions with others respectfully listening even though they may not agree.  This freedom leads often to interesting and valuable dialogue that is  beneficial to the life of the Parish.  Minutes of the last meeting are posted on this Web-site.

Current members are: Mrs. Eleanor Gregory (Chair), Mrs. Christine Bush (Vice-Chair), Mrs. Edna Allen (Secretary):, Mrs. Toni Perrin, Mrs. Barbara Conrad, Mrs. Mary Adeniyi, Mrs. Nora Gunns, Mrs. Yvonne Jordan,  Mrs. Mary Kelly, Mrs. Mabel Relford, Mrs. Yvonne Jordan, and Mrs. Jackie Settles.